Short Bio

Hi! My name is Shufan Zhang. If you happen to know Chinese, my name is written as 张舒凡/張舒凡 (simplified/traditional) in Chinese characters. I am looking for PhD positions (commencing in 2020 fall).

Currently, I am pursuing the B.S. degree with the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC). I am also visiting the DSG Lab at University of Waterloo (UWaterloo) this term, supervised by Prof. Xi He. Before that, I have interned at, or remotely collaborated with NSEC Lab [Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), advisor: Prof. Haojin Zhu], Singapore Management University (SMU), National University of Singapore (NUS), and Network and Data Security Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province (UESTC, advisor: Prof. Hu Xiong). I have published on Int. J. Inf. Secur.

Research Interests

My research interests major in Cybersecurity and Privacy-preserving techniques with applications, which mainly include the following parts:

  • Privacy-preserving techniques. E.g., differential privacy, location cloaking...
  • Privacy-preserving applications. E.g., location privacy, e-voting systems, smart grid...
  • Cryptography and provable security. E.g., searchable encryption, CCA secure, tight reduction...
  • Cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and fintech. E.g., e-cash, blockchain based applications...

Publications and Manuscripts

  • Chaintegrity: Blockchain Enabled Large Scale E-voting System with Robustness and Universal Verifiability. [link] [bibtex]
    Shufan Zhang, Lili Wang, Hu Xiong*
    International Journal of Information Security (2019). DOI:10.1007/s10207-019-00465-8 (CACR Rank B, SCI)
  • Laocoön: Scalable and Portable Receipt-free E-voting Protocol without Untappable Channels. [pdf] [bibtex]
    Shufan Zhang, Hu Xiong*
    manuscript available on arXiv: 1905.05562.

Open Source Toy Projects

  • LaTeX Lab Report Template for UESTC Undergraduates. [GitHub]
    Motivated by the soul-destroying process of adjusting document formats in MS Word when writing lab reports. This LaTeX template is tuned to satisfy all format requirements of UESTC lab reports. It was starred 20+ times, and widely used in department.

Professional Experiences

External Reviewer:

  • Conference:
    • SIGMOD 2020, ICDE 2020, EDBT 2020, INFOCOM 2020
  • Journal:
    • IEEE Internet of Things Journal (IoT-J)


  • Academic Scholarships of UESTC (2017, 2018, 2019),
  • Enterprise Scholarships (Oct. 2018)


Natural Language: Mandarin - native speaker, English - fluent, Japanese - basic.
Programming Language: Java, Python, JavaScript, C/C++, Scala, Others
Tool kits: LaTeX, pandas, sklearn, full stack, web.js/OpenGL, QT ...


I am a fanatical reading-lover. I like thinking, programming, and making friends. I am also interested in typesetting and web designing. I can cook and my homemade cuisine is not bad.

If you want to know me, feel free to e-mail me. We may have fun talks and generate sparks of ideas. Discussions and recommendations of interesting books/novels are always welcome.

[FYI: My GnuPG public key has Key-ID 65009EAE343F5D9F with fingerprint 0BFE E026 DA8C 4EA9 2413 5302 6500 9EAE 343F 5D9F (full key).]

Interesting Links: Conference Track, Academic Lineage, Security Conference Statistics, Acronymify, Security & Cryptography Conference Calendar, TikZ for Crypto, CCF List, IACR Event Calendar. (To Be Appended~)

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